Tork SmartOne® Toilet Paper Roll Dispenser

The Tork SmartOne Toilet Roll Dispenser is an efficient and very robust stainless steel dispenser suitable for demanding washrooms with high traffic. Sheet-by-sheet dispensing helps reduce consumption by up to 40% compared to traditional jumbo roll dispensers, which means more visits per roll.

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Tork SmartOne® Toilet Paper Roll Dispenser Stainless Steel T8: Meet the demands of high-traffic washrooms with this robust stainless steel Tork SmartOne® Toilet Roll Dispenser. It serves more guests between refills, thanks to its high capacity and ability to limit waste. Improve hygiene and reduce consumption by up to 40% compared with traditional jumbo toilet roll dispensers, thanks to single-sheet dispensing that minimises contact. Rolls are also protected from contamination and damage in demanding environments by the handy lock feature.

Advantages at a glance:

+ Robust stainless steel dispenser

+ Ideal for demanding washrooms

+ Hygienic single-sheet dispensing that cuts consumption

+ High capacity for fewer refills

+ Protective lock

Additional information

Dimensions27 × 27 cm

Promote hygiene while keeping costs low with the Tork SmartOne® dispenser, designed for high-traffic washrooms.
Reduce the risk of cross-contamination – this toilet roll dispenser only allows guests to touch what they use
Serve more guests between refills and cut maintenance time – single-sheet dispensing means less waste
Avoid paper shortages – the dispenser's high capacity means rolls last longer.

Unique selling point

Robust design with lock to protect the roll and stop pilferage in demanding environments
Single-sheet dispensing helps reduce consumption by up to 40%
High capacity: less maintenance and reduced risk of paper shortage
Hygienic: only touch the sheet being used