Tork Sanitary Towel Bag Dispenser White B5, Easy Clean, Elevation Range

The Sanitary Towel Bag Dispenser in Elevation Design is a discreet and convenient solution for every washroom to ensure hygienic disposal of waste. Tork Elevation dispensers have a functional, modern design, that makes a lasting impression on your guests.

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Tork Sanitary Towel Bag Dispenser White B5: Promote and maintain hygiene standards in your washrooms with the Tork Sanitary Towel Bag Dispenser, which distributes bags for the discreet and hygienic disposal of waste in sanitary bins. The convenient availability of sanitary towel bags will improve your guests’ experience, while the functional and modern Elevation design makes an impressive addition to any washroom. Save staff maintenance time, too, as this dispenser is easy to install and keep clean.

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Dimensions10 × 14 cm

Easily improve the look of washrooms – our sanitary towel bag dispenser is simple to install and keep clean.
Maintain hygiene with this dispenser, which provides bags for the disposal of feminine products in sanitary bins.
Enhance guest experiences by providing a convenient way to discreetly dispose of sanitary products in a waste bin.
Impress guests with the practical and modern design of our sanitary towel bag dispenser.

Unique Selling Points

Easy cleaning and installation saves time