Tork Perforated Hygiene Rolls White C1, Higher Resistance, 2-ply, 9 x 165 sheets

Protect your patient couch with the disposable Tork Hygiene Roll Advanced. The perforated hygiene roll is ideal to maintain a high level of hygiene in a healthcare environment. Rolls can be used in Tork Couch Roll Dispenser.

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Tork Perforated Hygiene Rolls White C1: Maintain a high level of hygiene in healthcare environments with our hygiene rolls. Quick to lay across patient couches, they create a protective barrier and can be easily disposed of after use. The perforated edges allow sheets to be swiftly torn off and consumption to be controlled, reducing unnecessary waste. Thanks to a 2-ply construction, these hygiene paper rolls ensure optimal comfort for patients. For easy dispensing, use with the Tork Couch Roll Dispenser.

Advantages at a glance:

+ 2-ply tissue for greater patient comfort and resistance

+ Perforated for easy tearing and consumption control

+ Disposable to maintain hygiene

Additional information

Dimensions25 cm

Offer patients a high level of comfort and better resistance, thanks to the 2-ply tissue.
Control excessive consumption – these hygiene rolls are perforated, making sheets quick and easy to tear off.
Maintain hygiene in healthcare settings with the disposable design of this couch roll.
Ensure effortless dispensing – combine these couch paper rolls with the Tork Couch Roll Dispenser.

Unique Selling Points

Better resistance and higher comfort due to 2-plies
Perforation for easy tear off and consumption control