Tork Perforated Couch Roll Blue C1, Advanced, 2-ply, 9 x 54.5m

Protect your patient couch with the disposable Tork Couch Roll Advanced. The perforated couch roll is ideal to maintain a high level of hygiene in a healthcare environment. Rolls can be used in Tork Couch Roll Dispenser.

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Tork Perforated Couch Roll Blue C1: Protect your patient couch and create a professional impression with the Tork Perforated Couch Roll. The Advanced quality of this disposable roll ensures a greater level of comfort for patients. Plus, its strong 2-ply design means it won’t tear easily, offering optimal protection and hygiene in healthcare spaces. Keep things simple for staff – the roll can be conveniently used in the Tork Couch Roll Dispenser and is perforated for effortless tear-off and controlled consumption.

Advantages at a glance:

+ Protects patient couches for greater hygiene

+ 2-ply design for more resistance and improved comfort

+ Strong paper for optimal protection

+ Perforated roll for easy tear-off + Controls consumption

Additional information


Cut down on over-consumption, as this perforated couch roll lets you control usage and is easy to tear off.
Ensure optimal protection of patient couches, thanks to this strong and easy-to-use roll.
Give patients greater comfort – this couch roll has a thicker 2-ply design that offers better resistance.
Bring extra convenience to healthcare environments, as the roll is made to fit the Tork Couch Roll Dispenser.

Unique Selling Points

Perforation for easy tear off and consumption control
Strong and easy to roll, for optimal protection
Better resistance and higher comfort due to 2-plies