Tork Mini Centrefeed Dispenser Black M1, One Hand Operation, Elevation

TorkĀ® Mini Centrefeed dispenser in Elevation Design is a compact versatile solution for professional environments where both hand and surface wiping is required. Wipe surfaces quickly, due to the unrestricted flow feature that allows users to take as much as their task needs. Elevation dispensers have a functional and modern design.

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Tork Mini Centrefeed Dispenser Black M1: Workplaces that require hands and surfaces to be wiped regularly need a robust solution. The durable Tork Mini Centrefeed Dispenser suits the toughest of environments and smallest of spaces. An unrestricted flow allows users to take as much industrial paper roll as they need for swift surface cleaning. Teamed with an easy-clean design, this modern dispenser can reduce cross-contamination and boost hygiene. One-handed operation makes it simple to use and a versatile lock mechanism helps to control misuse.

Advantages at a glance:

+ Easy to clean

+ Robust, compact design to suit tough environments

+ One-handed operation

+ Unrestricted flow dispensing

+ Handy lock mechanism

Additional information


Improve overall hygiene levels with its easy-to-clean design.
Suit tough environments and tight spaces with this robust centrefeed dispenser and its small footprint.
Save staff time with one-handed operation that's super simple to use.
Minimise cross-contamination with freeflow dispensing, which allows users to take as much as they need.

Scope of Delivery

Design: Elevation. W 17.4cm. H 32.1cm. D 16.5cm. Material: Plastic. Color: Black. Suitable for M1 refills from Tork.

Unique Selling Points

Improve overall hygiene due to easy cleaning
Versatile lock mechanism helps control misuse
One hand operation makes it easy to use
Free flow dispensing for flexibility and cross contamination control