Tork Sanitary Towel Bags White, 1.4L, For Sanitary Waste Disposal, 48 x 25 bags

The Tork Sanitary Towel Bag is ideal for clean and discreet disposal of sanitary waste, keeping smells in the bag when placed in the waste bin. These bags can be used with the Tork Sanitary Towel Bag Dispensers

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Tork Sanitary Towel Bags White: Maintain hygiene in washrooms while improving guest experiences with our Tork sanitary towel bags, designed for the discreet disposal of feminine hygiene products in sanitary bins. Scents are contained in the bag when placed in the waste bin, helping to keep washrooms smelling fresh. High quantities per pack ensure they’re readily available for guests while saving staff time on maintenance and refills. Use with the Tork Sanitary Towel Bag Dispensers for easy access and a tidy space.

Advantages at a glance:

+ Promotes hygiene in washrooms

+ Allows for clean and discreet sanitary waste disposal

+ High quantity per pack saves staff maintenance time

Additional information

Unique Selling Points

High quantity of bags to ensure availability


Keep washrooms stocked – these sanitary towel bags come in large quantities for easy availability.
Improve hygiene – our sanitary towel bags allow for the clean disposal of feminine products in sanitary bins.
Prevent unpleasant smells in washroom waste bins, as our sealed sanitary towel bags retain odours.
Ensure guest satisfaction – our sanitary towel bags allow guests to discreetly discard waste in a bathroom bin.