Tork Couch Roll Dispenser White C1, Wall Mountable

A Hygienic space saving dispenser in white metal. Protects the roll and enables easy tear off. For wall mounting. Maximum roll width 50 cm.

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Tork Couch Roll Dispenser White C1: Maximise hygiene in clinical environments with our white metal Tork Couch Roll Dispenser. It protects rolls, helping to reduce cross-contamination. And thanks to its handy wall-mountable feature, staff can effortlessly tear off couch roll with just one hand. Made from durable materials, the dispenser suits even the most demanding of spaces. It can fit smaller rooms, too, due to its space-saving design that holds rolls of up to 50 cm in width.

Advantages at a glance:

+ Wall-mountable to save space

+ Protects roll for increased hygiene

+ Easy single-handed dispensing and tear-off

+ Durable to suit demanding environments

Additional information


Easily mount this couch roll dispenser on the wall for single-hand dispensing.
Meet the needs of demanding environments with this durable dispenser design.
Save space in compact patient environments, thanks to its wall-mountable design.
Maximise hygiene – this sealed dispenser protects couch rolls.

Unique Selling Points

Wall mountable to allow for single hand dispensing
Durable to fit demanding environments