Tork Couch Roll Dispenser Black and Metal C1 Easy Mounting 22 cm x 75 cm x 14 cm

The Tork Couch Roll Dispenser is space saving and can be easily attached to medical furniture such as plinths or couches. Couch rolls can be changed easily, minimising time and effort.

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Tork Couch Roll Dispenser Black and Metal C1: Working room can be scarce in healthcare environments, so our robust Tork Couch Roll Dispenser aims to both save space and suit demanding areas. It easily attaches to medical furniture, allowing staff to place it wherever they need while ensuring high hygiene levels. Our couch roll holder also takes the hassle out of changing hygiene paper roll. Swap rolls quickly and simply to avoid wasting precious time and effort. This dispenser is designed to fit a variety of Tork refills for added convenience.

Advantages at a glance:

+ Reduce consumption and increase hygiene levels

+ Space-saving design

+ Easy mounting to suit a wide range of locations

+ Durable enough for demanding environments

Additional information

Dimensions75 × 22 cm

Avoid hassle when refilling your couch roll dispenser – ours suits a wide range of Tork refills.
Improve hygiene and reduce consumption levels with this paper couch roll holder.
Make couch roll available wherever staff need it with this easy-to-mount dispenser.
Save space and improve efficiency by attaching our hygiene roll dispenser directly to couch beds.

Unique Selling Points

Easy mounting for availability where needed
Designed to attach to couch beds, helping to save space
Durable to fit demanding environments