Tork Citrus Air Freshener Spray A1 Flexible Setting 12 Refills

Control odours effectively and efficiently in your washroom with the Tork Citrus Air Freshener Spray. The sprays contain concentrated fragrance oils and proprietary odour-neutralising agents to eliminate unpleasant smells while providing long-lasting air freshness. The sprays are suitable for the Tork Air Freshener Spray Dispenser.

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Tork Citrus Air Freshener Spray A1: Use our Tork Citrus Air Freshener Spray to effectively banish unpleasant smells in any washroom. A combination of concentrated air fragrance oils and odour neutralising agents provide a fresh scent 24 hours a day. Fit this efficient automatic air freshener spray inside the Tork Air Freshener Spray Dispenser, and place it wherever you need. Adjustable settings ensure this air freshener refill is suitable for a wide variety of washroom environments. Plus, maintenance is simple, saving time and money.
Advantages at a glance:
+ Effective odour control with concentrated oils and odour neutralising agents
+ Flexible settings that work with a variety of washrooms
+ Long-lasting fresh fragrance
+ Easy to maintain

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This air freshener is suitable for a variety of washroom spaces, thanks to its flexible settings.
Make a positive and clean impression with this fresh air fragrance.
Control odours efficiently and effectively by placing this automatic air freshener spray wherever you need it.
Long-lasting freshness ensures your washroom remains smelling great 24 hours a day.

Unique Selling Points

Flexible setting to fit a variety of washrooms
Right fragrance for your guests developed by a leading European perfumer
Fresh fragrance for a clean impression