Tork 50L Waste Bin Lid Black B1, High Gloss, Elevation Range

This bin lid accessory can be used with the Tork Elevation 50L bin when hygiene is of the utmost importance or a more hygienic impression is demanded by the user.

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Tork 50L Bin Lid B1: The Tork 50L Bin Lid – designed to be used with the Tork Elevation 50L bin – keeps your space clean and hygienic around the clock. Hiding unsightly items and odours, this bin lid conceals waste from view, while the high-gloss surface is easy to clean and keeps the waste bin sanitary for all users. The lid’s soft-close mechanism also creates a pleasant experience for staff and guests. By preventing loud or sudden slamming, it ensures a gentle shut after each use.

Advantages at a glance:

+ High-gloss surface

+ Easy to clean

+ Quiet soft-close lid

+ Improve hygiene

Additional information

Dimensions24.1 × 30.7 cm

Easily clean smudges and marks, thanks to the high gloss surface of this plastic bin lid.
Give users a great impression – the waste bin lid's soft-closing mechanism creates less noise.
Improve hygiene by keeping waste neatly secured inside bins.
Use with the Tork Elevation 50L bin for added ease and a cohesive look.

Unique Selling Point

High gloss surface makes it easy to clean
Soft closing for a better user impression