Alu Safe Tray Wash

Highly efficient, aluminium safe, low foaming
detergent for use through automatic ware washing
machines and for manual washing.

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Tray, crate & ware wash detergent

  • ┬áRemoves fat, grease, burnt on food debris & carbon deposits.
  • Ideal for cleaning aluminium, zinc trays, utensils, glazed pots & metal equipment.
  • Also for use on plastic trays, crates, polycarbonate & caustic sensitive metal surfaces.
  • Effective in soft, medium or hard water conditions.
  • Very economical in use.

Contains a blend of sodium metasilicate,
sequestering agents & surfactant.

All surfactants used in Evans Vanodine products
comply with the current European Regulations
concerning biodegradability & protection of the

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