3m – Spray Mount 400ml


Fast, reliable and convenient, repositionable on many surfaces and permanent when dry

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Introducing the 3M™ SprayMount, this is a versatile spray adhesive suitable for temporary holding of lightweight materials for displays or before final assembly. Fast drying adhesive that bonds to a range of materials, whilst allowing repositioning before it completely bonds. The unique makeup of this adhesive allows you to peel off and stick it down again within 12 hours. The aerosol can make it easy to dispense the glue allowing you to cover a large surface area without compromising on its holding strength.


One of the main benefits this spray adhesive is the speed and efficiency that it adheres to the surface without becoming brittle over time. The glue is totally transparent, which will not stain nor will it soak into materials, such as foil, paper, fabrics etc. The aerosol nozzle eliminates any overspray, minimises the cleanup and any reduces the wastage of adhesive.

Features and Benefits

• Showing off has never been easier
• Ideal for mock-ups, typesetting, visuals, mounting designs, display boards, etc
• Bonds lightweight materials instantly, yet allows work temporarily to be lifted and repositioned
• Permanent when dry
• Controlled spray pattern greatly reduces adhesive mist

Typical Applications

• The SprayMount™ spray adhesive is used for providing a temporary hold or placement of light materials. Typically used in:
• Workshops to hold patterns in place instead of using pins.
• Offices to attach detachable labels
• On a production line to temporarily hold parts in place before final assembly


How long does spray adhesive take to dry?

This varies from canister to canister. You must always check the manufacturer’s instructions. Some spray adhesives can dry and adhere within seconds, with an extra long tack range.


What is the shelf life of this adhesive?

An unopened container has a shelf life of about 12 months from the date of dispatch from 3M.