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Selecting the right colour art materials

Every artist needs the right art materials. From fine art to creative projects and illustrations, our art materials are ideal for mixed media and multi-technique applications, with colours crafted to surpass the highest standards of artists. Within our art supplies range, you’ll find a host of traditional and innovative acrylic paints, oil paints, watercolours and gouaches as well as a range of inks including calligraphy, screen printing ink and block printing inks.

Every paint and ink type is designed with versatility and performance in mind, allowing any and all artists to experiment as they please without compromising on colour or quality. Since 1976 Don Keating Group has been delivering the art materials that our customers have come to know and love.

As you browse, you’ll discover our most classic collections that are made to suit the varying budget’s artists have, starting with Value and ranging to Professional Level.

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