Hygiene Mats

Waterhog® Impressions
Custom Logo Entrance Mat

WaterHog® Impressions HD mats feature your custom logo digitally printed on a durable WaterHog mat.
These mats are ideal for use as a slip-resistant entrance mat to showcase your brand, or in any area where moisture and soil tracking occurs.


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Comfort Flow™
Anti-Fatigue Indoor Mat

Provides superior anti-fatigue properties for employee comfort and ergonomic benefits. Constructed of 100% High density, closed cell Nitrile rubber for maximum resistance to water, oils, greases, chemicals and animal fats. Lightweight, outperforms most thicker, heavier mats and is easy to clean by pressure washing or hosing off, and is also commercially launderable. Beveled edges around the mat help to minimize trip and fall accidents. Slip resistant surface helps to reduce slip and fall accident.


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AnchorSafe™ Roll Goods
Anti-Slip Mat

AnchorSafe™ Adhesive backing system keeps the mat flat and in place even with extreme traffic. Adhesive backing system with moisture barrier keeps liquids from soaking through to the floor. Very low profile reduces tripping hazard. Highly absorbent, keeps floors clean and safe. Quick and easy to install. Will perform up to 3 months under normal use. Roll Size 91cm x 30.48m

€338.70 + VAT per Roll 91cm x 30.5m

Installations Instructions:

  • Clean and dry Floors
  • Use a cutting knife and cutting board to cut mat to size
  • Position the mat then press and smooth into place with cutting board
  • Cut all 4 corners at 45° angles

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Sanitising Mat

The StepWell mat provides an all-in-one solution for safely sanitising shoes. It features a 81 x 54 cm well that holds an abrasive insert and your preferred liquid sanitiser, followed by a 85 x 150 cm carpeted section to help remove any excess moisture from shoes, reducing the likelihood of slips following sanitation.
Wash, wipe, and walk on safely!


One StepWell Sanitising Mat

(including carpeted 85 x 150cm section & one 81 x 54cm insert)

€217.02 + VAT

Pack of 4 Inserts

(81 x 54cm additional inserts)

€68.02 + VAT

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Promotional Mats
Bar and Poster

The perfect product for point of purchase visibility
Photographic HD Sublimation Print Quality
High Quality, knitted polyester surface
100% Nitrile rubber Anti-slip Backing

Set of 4 Customisable Mats
€100 + VAT

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